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Myanmar Music Store   is Myanmar first online music store that offers various genres of Myanmar original music launched by Legacy Music Network Co., Ltd which is a leading music company that handles various fields within the Myanmar music business. Since the early 1990s, it has been Myanmar’s leading music company.

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Legacy Music Network is a company that handles various fields within the music business in Myanmar. Since early 1990, it has been Myanmar's leading music company. The company boasts a boundless catalog of music that varies from trivial to the most significant recordings that Myanmar had produced. It introduces new and innovative ways to reach out to a Myanmar audience all over the world.

  • Myanmar Music Store is Myanmar's first Music online web site that offers Myanmar songs available from our very own; Myanmar artists that can be bought from all over the world. You can visit Myanmar Music Store to experience the many songs of Myanmar.

    Music Online Store
  • Myanmar Music Bank collects stores all available Myanmar music, files and data for individuals that seek any type of information on the music such as the copyright data; all available at your music data service at one convenient location.

    Music Data Bank
  • Iron Cross Music Entertain -ment offers the most successful albums and live shows in Myanmar. Legacy Music Entertainment also offers Music programs for TV chan -nels available in Myanmar.

    Music Entertainment
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